Specialized Treatments

At both our practices we offer cosmetic treatments as well as specialized treatments, for more information on cosmetic and private treatments please see the private treatments page. Our main specialized treatment is sedation which is very safe and great treatment for nervous / anxious patients, please read more below.


If you are very anxious about your dental treatment, over 16, not pregnant and not taking a lot of medications you can talk to us about sedation.


Conscious sedation is a form of anxiety control which makes treatment more pleasant for the patient. It is effective, predictable and very safe.


Conscious sedation is the modern alternative to general anaesthesia for most dental procedures.


Conscious sedation can be given in a number of ways. Intravenous sedation is the most commonly used form in adults.


Conscious sedation will make you feel sleepy and relaxed. Most patients can remember little or nothing of the procedure, but it does not affect any part of your memory before the drug is given.


After explaining different options for treating nervous patients, once it is decided that intravenous sedation is suitable, the patient must fill in an extensive medical history form and be given all the instructions pre andn post operative for their sedation.


Their assessment session also includes taking vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate and their saturation level and after everything has been cleared they willbe given an appointment for sedation.


At their sedation appointment they should be accompanied by an escort, who must be a fit adult, who should stay on the premesis during the sedation appointment.

Each appointment will be at least for one hour.